OMNIMATE® 4.0 - The Game Changer in the Connector Market

Weidmüller is introducing OMNIMATE® 4.0 – a modular system for building connectors for data, signals, and power. Thanks to its modular concept, OMNIMATE® 4.0 is already prepared for future technologies, systems, and connections. The planning stage is already underway to expand the variety of modules, also with integrated functional electronics for use in smart and networked applications in the IIoT environment. This means that Weidmüller enables individual solutions for brand new applications that were previously only thought of.

The demands on the development of electrical devices are constantly increasing. This leads to higher complexity and challenges for device developers. OMNIMATE® 4.0 is the efficient solution for a continuous, digitalized device development process for the connected world of tomorrow. A new design concept and a fast SNAP-IN connection technology are just the starting point.

With increasingly shorter development cycles the digital transformation in the industry continues to progress and requires reliable and stable connections for its implementation. Weidmüller is reinventing the connector and moving towards the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for device connection technology. In the long term, almost any combination of signal, power, data, or even hybrid and smart interfaces can be created through a simple selection process in the Weidmüller Configurator (WMC). The internal consolidation of the individual I/O modules is so fast that they are dispatched within a few days. This is even the case for individualized products, from single samples to series production orders.

With their basic design, the new OMNIMATE® 4.0 connectors are constructed as prefabricated individual I/O modules which the user can combine thanks to the wide range of flexible options. The connectors are available with 2 to 12 poles and from a batch size of one. – easily configured via the Weidmüller Configurator which integrates seamlessly into the digital customer process.

Device connectors with SNAP-IN connection technology

With the innovative SNAP-IN technology, flexible, stranded-wire conductors without crimped-on wire-end ferrules can be simply inserted into the open connection point, without having to open the contact point (wire ready). One "click" is all it takes to establish a secure connection. In addition to the acoustic confirmation by the audible "click", the Visual Safety Indicator pops outwards to visually confirm that the conductor is safely connected. No tools are required. The connection can withstand even harsh environmental conditions with severe shaking and vibrations. By simply activating the lever, the operator can open the connection point again and remove the connected conductor. The connection is "ready to use" again.

The OMNIMATE® 4.0 PCB plug-in connectors have all relevant and common approvals according to IEC 61984 and UL 1059 for industrial applications. Depending on the degree of contamination and overvoltage category, voltages up to 400 V can be covered with the first available portfolio in 5.00 mm pitch, with conductor cross-sections between 0.75 mm² and 2.50 mm². The corresponding pin headers also have a modular design, meet the highest level of pin coplanarity for an automatic assembly process, and are designed for both wave and reflow soldering. The optional locking mechanism on the female plug ensures a robust connection.

Weidmüller Configurator for OMNIMATE 4.0

Only engineers with quick and easy access to technical information, software tools, and in-depth application knowledge can develop tailor-made products for the future. With the Weidmüller Configurator for OMNIMATE® 4.0, Weidmüller provides a powerful software solution that speeds up the selection, configuration, and ordering of OMNIMATE® 4.0 PCB connectors. The tool supports an integrated engineering workflow, from planning through to documentation. Thanks to simple operation and a clear design, connectors can be configured easily and efficiently. The product data can be fully integrated into engineering tools, such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) in 3D, as well as EDA (Electrical Design Automation) for circuit board layouts (e.g. Mentor, Altium, and Zuken etc.). This supports both the mechanical and electronic development of devices in a wide range of file formats. Users are supported by 3D visualization in the configuration of their OMNIMATE® 4.0 connectors in the Weidmüller Configurator. Via the "offer dialogue" integrated into the software, if desired, the customer receives their offer after completing the connector configuration in the WMC. After accepting the offer, the customer receives their individually assembled connectors within a few working days, from sample quantities to series production orders.

OMNIMATE® services for excellent device design

Weidmüller attaches a great deal of importance to supporting its customers throughout the entire device development process and offers individual solutions with compatible services for excellent device design. The customer is supported in all phases of the project, from the creation of the specification to development and design to approval and series production.

In the first step, the services offered include basic information about OMNIMATE® products. The user has access to targeted documentation including white papers, information on clearance and creepage distances, standards, and further documents available to download. Weidmüller provides application-oriented product recommendations with its internet-based selection aid – the AppGuide. With just a few clicks, AppGuide offers the user a selection of various applications. The user is given a precise recommendation on the best connectivity solution for different device functions, which meets their requirements for handling, size, safety, processing costs, and conformity with standards. The next step is the PCB design, in which the selected connection technology is applied to the PCB. Here the user benefits from a comprehensive range of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) library data for all standard market formats. The 3D image, layout, and symbols for the circuit diagram are displayed in the preview for each product. To physically verify the selection, the customer can use the established free sample service. All they have to do is select the desired sample from the product catalog and complete the order. Users receive OMNIMATE® product samples within 72 hours worldwide and can get started right away. The QR codes on the products or on the box establish a direct link to a handling video to support the end-user and their work in the field.

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