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A700 Series

Mitsubishi Electric’s RSV technology gives you class-leading power, control and flexibility.

  • Wide Speed Range: 200:1 operating range is possible – even when the drive is used ‘open loop’
  • PLC Feature: A700 programmability provides true intelligence inside the drive – a simple solution for complex applications
  • Easy Gain Tuning: Compensates automatically for changes in load inertia to ensure smooth and consistent operation
  • Fast Response: Up to 300 radians / second speed response means lightning fast reaction to sudden load changes
  • USB Port: Allows simple connection to the new FR-Configurator Software for quick and easy commissioning
  • Power Down Braking: Keeps the motor under control even if the supply power is lost
  • Remote I / O Capability: All of the drive I/O can be read or controlled over a network
  • Brake Transistor Circuit: Included in all sizes up to 30 Hp
  • Integral Radio Filter: Limits Radio Noise emissions to meet EU Directive – all sizes of drive
  • Speed Control: with or without torque limit allows 200:1 Speed range, driving or overhauling
  • Open Loop Torque Control: including torque at zero speed
  • UL Listed for single-phase input

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